June 20, 2016


Workers’ Compensation Administrators

As a workers’ compensation professional, your goal is to get claimants back to work as soon as they are able while efficiently managing costs. Controlling pain is an important part of many injured workers treatment, yet it can be a substantial expense.

Medication monitoring with Coast Diagnostics goes beyond standard urine drug testing to provide a more comprehensive picture of injured workers’ pain medication use. It is important insight for managing the care of and the costs associated with claimants on chronic pain therapy. With this unique insight, you and your clinicians can evaluate claimant’s treatment—and improve the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of pain management.

Why Pain Medication Monitoring?

In the U.S. workforce, pain carries a high cost in both time and productivity. The productivity cost alone has an estimated value of more than $61 billion a year. At the same time, a national study found that 71% of Workers’ Compensation claimants on chronic opioid therapy (>3 months) aren’t taking their pain medication as prescribed. This pervasive misuse or abuse is due to everything from simply choosing not to take their medication to taking too much medication because of inadequate pain control, abuse or addiction.

To help claimants get back to work, while managing their care efficiently, you need reliable information about their pain medication use. There is evidence that urine drug screens can identify aberrant opioid use and other substance use that otherwise is not apparent to the treating physician. In fact, ACOEM Guidelines recommend that injured workers receiving chronic opioid therapy be monitored through routine assessment that includes urine toxicology screens.

Coast Diagnostics Online Services

With Coast Diagnostics Online Services, our secure, internet-based physician resource, you can submit lab requisitions, check patient results and manage the automatic selection of patients for urine drug monitoring.

Coast Diagnostics Online Services make this valuable information always available and easy to use, making it easier for you to integrate urine drug monitoring into your practice. Coast Diagnostics Online Services allow you to submit lab requisitions, manage patient selection for monitoring and access a wide array of informative reports—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a few simple clicks, you can securely retrieve patient data and easy-to-interpret reports from a secure database created exclusively for your practice. Additional time-saving features allow you to:

  • Search reports by date, patient, or requisition number.
  • Save reports in PDF format.
  • Attach reports to many EHR (Electronic Health Record) patient records.
  • Customize and download summary reports based on the criteria you choose

Submitting your lab requisitions online saves both time and paper. It’s the same information required for paper requisitions, yet patient data needs to be entered online only once.

All subsequent requisitions will automatically include your preferred monitoring panel, patient data and diagnosis code of the previous processed specimen for your confirmation or modification. Medication and specimen information is also verified and validated for added accuracy. With this secure and nearly paperless system, your patient billing and insurance information is saved so that it’s instantly available for future requisitions.