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Scheduling Tests

We offer immediate test scheduling by allowing professionals to communicate directly between the health care providers and the laboratory.

Retrieving Results

We deliver a full range of affordable, timely, and accurate diagnostic testing service by the click of a mouse, constantly improving patient experiences.

User-Friendly Interface

Our software comes with the best support team and it is dedicated to streamlining scheduling, testing, and retrieving results with as much ease as possible.

Saving Time & Money

Our focus on cutting-edge research and the refinement of existing diagnostic tests to produce greater clinical value for reliable and cost-effective patient assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What can Coast Diagnostics do for your company?

What is Coast Diagnostics?
Coast Diagnostics is industry standard web-based software which enables physicians/clinics to order clinical toxicology lab tests, receive electronic patient test results and manage a patient’s medication regimen at the point of care.

Why should physicians conduct a toxicology test on their patients?
Reduce the risk of a patient's misuse or abuse of a prescribed medication. Gain insight into the likelihood that a patient is taking his or her medication as prescribed. Learn about controlled substances a patient is taking. Learn about potentially harmful drug-to-drug interactions.
Our process helps you assess whether a patient is taking illicit drugs. Taking an additional medication prescribed by another provider that could cause dangerous drug-to-drug interactions. Likely taking his or her medications correctly. Not taking enough medication. Taking too much medication. Potentially abusing, misusing or diverting medication.
Our medication monitoring solutions help advance the treatment of chronic pain by providing detailed information and insight on patients' prescribed medication use. The comprehensive and easy-to-interpret Coast Diagnostics results report indicates where test results are inconsistent with the treatment plan-along with explanations of findings.

Can toxicology testing increase my practice revenue?
Yes. Reimbursement varies depending on location. Please call us to discuss expected reimbursement in your state.

Why do insurance carriers and payers support clinical toxicology testing?
Basically, if an insurance company is going to pay for your patients medications, they want to determine that they are, in fact, taking the prescribed medication. Studies have concluded that patients who adhere to their drug regimen have 8% to 10% lower medication cost.

Is there anything unique about Coast Diagnostics relative to competitor?
Yes. Our software integrates medication dispensing software with toxicology testing software. So, if you prescribe medications at the point of care to a patient and you would like to conduct toxicology testing on that same patient, the software toggles back and forth to complete a dispense and testing.

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